Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting !

I am here to pledge forgiveness for any wrong doing which i've done direct or indirect.
I wanna wish to all of my buddy and muslims, Happy Ramadhan and Happy Fasting :)
Hoping together we celebrate this Ramadhan al-Mubarak with full of blessing and fill it with good deed!

#Hihi, i wont update my blog until Rayaa.
I've been busy with my business stuffs :P
I would like to invite you you and you to my bazaar !
Desa Pandan, tent 16 :)

I wanna go somewhere and I don't care where.

I wish I could go away from here.
But I don’t know when to start, where to go.
In the dark, it’s cold and wet here. 
I’m too scared to see anything.
Who is going to hold me if I fall?

I wish I could run through the trees.
Feel, pain while mountains burning there
See, there are some who don’t want to see
But I have to keep going through.
And leave the pasts.

Can you show a thousand emotions?
Can you show how beautiful world it is?

Let’s move on, away from here.
This world won’t be a tragedy.
Cause I’m still here, breathing now
We could see everything in this world

Believe me somehow we can make it so bright
Why do we feel like we can’t survive?
We should throw it all away and go.
We all fall behind the times.

Keep going to an unknown place where
To know how I can breathe so easy
I’m just trying to be myself.
This is just a beginning.

I found that place where we always went before
Someday we all return to the forest. 
To the ground, air or space 
Souls are flowing around here 
And it will never end.
LOVE is not enough a word for you.

originally from me, butterbahn deathsy <3