Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chelsea Asia Tour 2011

Oh my, I'm so in love with Malaysia vs Chelsea match. 
It was totally superb ! All Malaysia players did a great job.
They show us their totally defensive play are succeed.
Much respect to Farizal Marlias and the others :)
It was unexpected match. Supposed to be the match ended with 0-0.
Didier Drogba freekick hit Malaysia right crossbar.
But the linesman referee has claimed it was a goal.
Uhh, it's time to use technology on football game. 
Congratulations to both teams and i hope they will come to Malaysia again :)
and and I'm ready to hear those provocation from others club hooligans :)
I really don't give a damn. You're on , man :)
Result : Malaysia 0 - 1 Chelsea

#Keep the Blue Flag Flying High !

Sunday, 17 July 2011

30 hari mencari pasal.

Mm, i don't know what i feel. I feel random. 
Err, besok ada presentation. Nak prepare pun rasa malas. Tak tahu la kenapa.
Haha, tengok kiri kanan. Semua dah berubah. Ada yang dah kerja, ada yang dah kahwin. 
Err. Aku sorang je tak berubah lagi.
Tidur pun bangun 2-3 petang. Sumpah tak sukaa. Terasa rugi je sehari :(
Terasa nak buat macam 30 hari mencari cinta tu la. Boleh?
Atleast ada orang boleh kejut aku bangun pagi. Suara mcm Shila Amzah tu pun jadi la -_-'' 
Alarm clock aku memang tak jalan la :P
Oh will you be mine for 30 days? 
Okay i feel worst. 

#Beribu sesalan - Shila Amzah punya part :P

Monday, 11 July 2011


Okay, i wanna share something about what happened to our country lately.
and i wanna conclude all this things. I talk about what i saw, what i heard.
Mm, i am not a pro-government, and not a pro-pakatan rakyat or whatsoever.
I just an observer.
Im gonna show you some of the pros and cons.
Can you conclude? Watch and think. 
Aku tau ni kerja dorg. Tapi mcm tak ada sifat humanity. betul tak?

Lepas tu isu perkauman naik. Aku tengok orang melayu maki bangsa bangsa lain dekat wall.
Menyalak sumpah seranah bangsa lain. Apa yang korg nak?
Kalau korang ni orang orang kerajaan, kenapa tak sokong Najib? 
1 Malaysia. United all races. Tapi nak menyalak lagi?
Mcm nii la melayu tipikal. Aku bukan nak kutuk bangsa aku. 
Korang nak 13 Mei tu balik ke? Mak bapak korang kena rodok semua?  
This demonstration shows everything.
Media? Lagi la banyak menipu.
Patriot? Kenapa dorang ada dekat situ?
Facebook? Masih ramai yang menyalak.
Politik? Semua korupsi. Aku tak nampak lagi yang mana betul.
Berhenti la provokasi.
Fikir la sendiri mana baik, mana buruk. Jangan jadi mcm budak kecik.
Kena jentik, dah nak menyalak.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Confession of the day !

*glass break sound effect
Err, I shouldnt but i don't know. I feel random. :)
I miss my pasts being together with this baby. I miss her laugh, i miss her smile.
But this is all my memories. I should leave all this fucking things behind.
The best way is move on. Yeah, I did. I really did. 
Past is past. Everything happens for a reason. For sure, i have no regrets.
As a professional god creature, yeah we're still in a relationship.. as a friend.
But i want you to know that i..
*cengkerik sound effect. okay bye

Friday, 1 July 2011

July, 1. Rainy day, I am in love.

Okay, so this is July 1, and it’s still cold, gray, and rainy around here. But, you’ve got to love it. Here’s why and what i am doing in rainy day. Let's enjoy a rainy day :)

1. Going for a walk
It sounds stupid, but there is no bigger pleasure than walking along the road in the middle of city, think and meditate :D

2. Take pictures
It is so fascinating, the rain. It makes me feel a deep contact with nature. And then, rain is beautiful to see. I will go around the town and take some pictures, it is an amazing way to discover a new side of the place where I live.
3. Listen to some good music
If I’m looking at my personal collection of albums I’m getting pissed off by myself because I have plenty of great music that I have never had time to listen to. You know the feeling, I prefer oldies song to listen or British pop. Time to listen something new, open up your ears and mind!

4. Reading
A rainy day is the perfect moment for start reading the book that is sitting next to our bed since a while. Turn off the TV and radio, listen to the sound of rain drops and let myself fall into the magic of reading. Lala~

5. Enjoy the Scenery
How every street, car, traffic, and neon light is doubled by it’s reflection on the wet street.  The feeling of rain on my face, the wind blows to my body <3 

6. Take a nap
Probably I will never get this opportunity again, in the next busy days. Goodnight. Have sweet rainy day :)