Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I hate exams !

Yeay but not yeay. I've done my final exam with rush and awesome random feelings.
Totally I'm not happy with my final exams (in certain papers) especially ENGLISH PAPER !
Fuck, the instructor screw me up! At first yeah,  she's shouting with her mighty voice.
"Please answer section B in the question paper and section C in answer booklet"
and I was like "Oookay!" I heard that clearly. Thanks for shouting.

After 15 minutes, Ms. L came and told ........................................
and I was like, huh huh? I can't hear you, Ms L.
So should I shout in exam hall, WHAT Ms. L? I REALLY CAN'T HEAR YOU?!
I've start answering section B in question paper. So yeah, section B was good and too easy for me :P

Turn to Section C
There's two dialogue questions and I'm totally in love with this paper. Oh goodness.
Okay, question C 1 done. Continue to question C 2.
"Times up! Please stop writing."
WHATTT? I'm not finished yet, Instructor.

After that, I met Bobo and he told me. The section B must be answer in Answer Booklet not in the question paper because lecture's won't mark the answer in the question paper. And I was like...

I won't be happy for my semester break. Fuck yeah !