Thursday, 21 July 2011

Chelsea Asia Tour 2011

Oh my, I'm so in love with Malaysia vs Chelsea match. 
It was totally superb ! All Malaysia players did a great job.
They show us their totally defensive play are succeed.
Much respect to Farizal Marlias and the others :)
It was unexpected match. Supposed to be the match ended with 0-0.
Didier Drogba freekick hit Malaysia right crossbar.
But the linesman referee has claimed it was a goal.
Uhh, it's time to use technology on football game. 
Congratulations to both teams and i hope they will come to Malaysia again :)
and and I'm ready to hear those provocation from others club hooligans :)
I really don't give a damn. You're on , man :)
Result : Malaysia 0 - 1 Chelsea

#Keep the Blue Flag Flying High !

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